Home or illusion

So, at the end, a bird chirps, and defines liberty, not as limitless as it can fly, but what limits it with principles of home. Divine or illusion, it must be something that keeps it spinning around for a quite life-long period.

Not quite surprised by my box, whatever the shape it might be. It certainly changes as much, the more I feel belonging or the opposite. It is quite sometime, limitations keep me grounded, not as enjoyable as we want it to be, yet being limitless is not a privilege to have where everyone would enjoy the same quality. It is not longer a privilege, but a common/standard quality.

I can’t be fully be confident that we, humans think within our knowledge dimension. We do have brilliant ideas, but what the heck! who has the time to think. Back to the point “home”, once I think about it, oh how disappointed I get. Take time to develop, you are drawn in fears of losing yourself, your life. You have absolutely no time to think for yourself. Basic services of every citizen is having insurance, security and quality services that contribute to human well-being. Unfortunately, the illusion of my home, is spinning me in that shapeless box.

Life Beyond Fences

Boundaries, borders, fences, walls, mountains, rivers and whatever burdens us from being in the other side are blocking our freedom.
Everything beyond the the fence (law and man made) is beautiful. It is called freedom. My idea of land and sea is one great piece of earth. Let’s forget war and all the nasty things they add to corrupt society and nature. It’s time to imagine,  to picture a reality where we are all free where to go and live where we want to live.

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Life’s good today

Listening to Zac Brown Band – Toes, one of my favorite songs, while the wind blows and I hear the its sound every now and then.  Laying in bed and thinking what to write now since I can’t sleep anyway. Then I realized that tomorrow I have to wake up early and head to work.
It is funny how hard I tried to fall asleep but I couldn’t. I use to be called sleepy head by mother. God bless her and your mother as well since you kept reading this far, I just want to ask you to smile and don’t be too serious about everything, if you can’t laugh at yourself, call me and I’ll laugh at you 😉

Oil and KRG’s economic risks.

The KRG has ‪#‎oil‬ as its only cash cows and the threats are bigger since ‪#‎Baghdad‬ is going to reduce the ‪#‎KRG‬ shares from 17% to 12% of the federal budget. I don’t think ‪#‎Turkey‬ can help us with the negotiations unless they get something in return. It brings us to the definition of trade “you’re giving up on something for something else”. Is the #KRG going to give up on the federal ‪#‎budget‬ for its own export of oil? Is the #KRG ready? What is the pros and cons of this ‪#‎risk‬ with Turkey? Consequences are very vague since the KRG can not withstand the consequences in terms of ‪#‎economics‬.